RISE Armament Anti-Walk Trigger & Hammer Pins

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The RISE Armament Anti Walk Trigger Pins ensure secure installation of your drop-in trigger. They also improve the reliability of your rifle by eliminating the tendency for standard pins to “walk out” over time.

The RISE Anti Walk Pins Set

The RISE Anti Walk Trigger Pins set includes all of the following:

  • One (1) trigger pin
  • One (1) hammer pin,
  • Four (4) screws
  • Two (2) Allen wrenches for easy installation

Also, the specs are as follows:

  • Pin diameter .154 inches
  • Pin material: Stainless steel
  • Backed by lifetime guarantee
  • Made in America

The torque spec on the screw is 11 inch-pounds maximum; however, 8 inch-pounds of torque is the recommended amount.

Note: The external width of AR receivers varies in the trigger/hammer pin area, depending on the manufacturer. If the pins are too long for your receiver, you may shorten the pins a small amount by carefully filing material evenly from both ends of the pins. However, this is not required. Longer pins will not affect the function or performance of the rifle.

We also produce a number of triggers with pins already included; be sure to check out the RISE Blitz, the RA-535, the Rave 140, and even more of our AR-15 trigger options.

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