RISE Armament ICONIC (GRAPHITE GRAY) Independent Two-Stage Trigger with Anti-Walk Pins

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The ICONIC Independent Two-Stage Trigger combines the awareness, feedback, and flexibility of a two-stage trigger with the responsiveness, crispness, and speed of a single-stage trigger.   

On other two-stage triggers, the stages aren’t independent. The same basic parts interact at both stages, which can limit performance. But the stages on an ICONIC Independent Two-Stage Trigger have separate mechanical components for each stage. This allows a distinct “wall;” a crisp, clean second-stage break (comparable to a high-performance single-stage trigger); virtually no overtravel; no creep; and without the inherent mushiness felt in standard, captive two-stage triggers.. 


Key Features

  • CleanSplit Fully Independent Two-Stage Design  
  • Have-It-All Light Pull and Crisp Break Performance  
  • Smooth-Sliding Dual-Blade Design  
  • NoDoubt Second-Stage Wall for maximum feedback, flexibility, and control  
  • Icicle crisp and clean break  
  • Clear ’n’ Quick Reset — fast, easy-to-feel reset for quicker follow-up shots 
  • Wide, comfortable curved front trigger blade  
  • 1-lb. pull on first stage, 2-lb. pull on second stage (± ¼ lb. on each) 
  • StrongArm Hammer Springs to prevent light primer strikes 
  • Heavy-Hit Hardening on S7 steel parts finished with durable black nitride   
  • 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum housing for long-lasting durability 
  • Fast, easy elementary installation — just drop in lower and secure with the included anti-walk pins 
  • Compatible with AR-15s and AR-10s with mil-spec dimensions. Calibers include .223/5.56, .308, 6.5, and more 
  • Includes free anti-walk trigger pins 
  • Available in ICONIC Green, Graphite Gray, or FDE  
  • Patents pending 
  • Backed by the ICONIC Best-of-Both-Worlds Performance Guarantee and RISE’s Lifetime Warranty 
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