Night Fusion Thermal / Night Vision Dual-waveband Fusion Rifle Scope FUSION-LRF

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Fusion Technology

Fusion technology combines both thermal and night vision capabilities into a single device, leveraging the strengths of each technology to provide a comprehensive vision solution. This hybrid approach allows for:

  1. Enhanced Detection and Identification: Thermal imaging excels in detecting heat signatures, making it easier to spot living beings or active machinery, while night vision provides clearer detail and context in low-light conditions.
  2. Versatility: The ability to switch between or simultaneously use thermal and night vision modes offers users flexibility to adapt to varying environmental conditions and operational needs.
  3. Improved Situational Awareness: Fusion technology delivers a more complete picture of the surroundings by integrating thermal heat maps with detailed night vision imagery, enhancing overall situational awareness and decision-making.


The Fusion-LRF operates with a low light night vision sensor that feels very similar to a PVS-14. Unlike digital night vision, low light night vision does not require IR illumination and provides a much higher resolution picture. Low light night vision, also known as analog night vision or image intensification, amplifies existing ambient light, such as moonlight or starlight, to produce a visible image. This technology relies on an image intensifier tube that collects and intensifies photons, converting them into electrons, which are then amplified and converted back into visible light. The resulting greenish image provides a clear view in near-dark conditions, making it highly effective for applications like surveillance, navigation, and nocturnal observation. The Fusion-LRF overlays the high-def Night vision image over the thermal image resulting in a HD fusion experience thanks to the high resolution of the NV sensor. 


Key Features

  • Multi-sensor fusion with high Image quality.
  • Low light night vision 
  • Continuous laser ranging function. (tilt to activate)
  • Built in IR illuminator.
  • Uses 18650 lithium batteries with 12 hours run time.
  • Features target highlighting function.
  • Convenient, simple, and intuitive operation through scroll wheels, shortcut buttons, and attitude control.



Technical Specs:


  • product name 
  • dual sensor
low light night vision / thermal 
  • thermal resolution
  • low light night vision resolution
  • frame rate 
25 fps 
  • objective lens
48mm f1.5 + 35mm 
  • fov (field of view)
low light nv 9x5 / thermal 7.5x5.6 
  • magnification factor
  • magnification 
1x (base) /  2x / 4x 
  • view finder
2.1 in  
  • thermal target detection range 
1000 yards 
  • thermaltarget recognition range
600 yards 
  • storage 
128 gb (15 hours of video) 
  • range finder detection range 
1000 yards 
  • compass 
indicates direction and pitch 
  • positioning 
  • interface 
  • battery life
10 hours / 18650 lithium 
  • ip rating
  • size
9.2 in x 2.3 in x 3.2 in 
  • weight
2.2 lbs 


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