• 15" Tear Drop Keymod Rail Free Float Handguard Milspec 308WIN / 7.62mm

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    The Vector Keymod is an extremely lightweight yet robust free floating rail system.  We’ve managed to reduce as much weight as possible while maintaining strength by utilizing a 1 piece body design.  KeyMods were added at the 3, 6 & 9 o'clock positions for modularity and additional weight savings.  Its mounting system captures a heavy duty free float barrel nut for easy installation. It is also piston system compatible. 

    • Top - flat picatinny rail, Sides- key hole cutout
    • Overall Length: 385mm (15.1 inch)
    • Weight (net): (19 ounce)
    • Inside Diameter (2 inch)
    • CNC Machined Rail System
    • One piece rail increases accuracy
    • Upper rail is extended over the barrel nut for a 'no-gap' monolithic look
    • Light weight 
    • Easy and quick installation
    • High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish
    • 2 pcs 5" detachable picatinny rails included
    • Barrel nut and set screw included