Commencing today, Texas will be shut down for 30 days. What does that mean for you in terms of your purchases from Tactical Skeleton? Not too much but there are some things we would like to go over. We are still open for business and we will be accepting orders. If you have already ordered and it is being processed, we apologize for any delays, but the recent pandemic has created an extremely busy atmosphere here at Tactical Skeleton.

We want to again go over some of our operational procedures as we try to stay as safe and as productive as possible.

Due to the high volume of phone calls we are not able to answer all of them. If you have any questions regarding your orders, please leave us a voicemail or send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please include your order number and date of purchase so we can help you as quick as possible.

Current lead times on TS firearms are projected at about 4-8 weeks from the confirmation date of your order. Please allow this time to pass before requesting a status update inquiry. With increased demand and scarce materials in our industry, we are working as efficiently as we can to fulfill our lead-time commitment.

If you decide to cancel your order before it has shipped, we will refund the purchase minus a 20% restocking fee.

Due to the current circumstances we are unable to accept any returns to ensure the safety of our staff, rest assured that we will still address any warranty concerns you might have.

At Tactical Skeleton we are committed to providing a quality product that will last a lifetime, we appreciate your patience and understanding so we can properly navigate these difficult times. Let’s keep America great, stay armed and stay zeroed.


  • please check your JUNK/SPAM folder in your email for responses
  • if you have emailed us, and checked your spam and there is still no response please send another email to



I placed an order and was wondering if I can get an update on when it will ship out?

  • Our processing time on orders for parts is 3-5 business days if all parts are in stock.
  • Lead time on custom builds (full weapons, complete upper assemblies and complete lower assemblies) is 10-14 business days depending on our backlog.
  • Lead time for custom weapons order from the “Create Your Own” listings also is 10-14 business days depending on our backlog.
  • Lead time for custom weapons orders from the “Create Your Own” listings that include cerakot and/or engraving is 14-21 business days depending on our backlog.
  • Please note that orders placed during holidays are expected to have longer lead times.
  •       9/12/2019 PRODUCT UPDATE:

                    As of 9/12/2019 we are experiencing an additional leadtime of 6-8 weeks on AR10 pistols and AR10 rifles. If your order could be completed at a sooner date we will contact you. We are diligently working to reduce lead times on all   orders and still maintain our quality standards. 

Returns and Exchanges:

  • All sales are final on all semi assemblies (complete upper receivers and complete lower receivers) once product is shipped
  • returns for parts that are not manufactured by Tactical Skeleton will be accepted but a 20% restocking fee will apply.
  • All sales are final on all firearms once product is shipped 
  • parts and accessories could be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase 
  • once an order has been placed for a semi assembly or a complete firearm the order is placed in shop queue for build.
  • 20% restocking fee will apply for semi assemblies and complete firearms cancellation requests prior to shipping.
  • we will replace or repair free of charge any semi assemblies or complete firearms with any warranty issues per our lifetime warranty statement
  • we will not reimburse any repairs or replacements done by others on our products
  • any alteration of critical function or repair done by others will void our lifetime warranty (does not include installing accessories etc.)
  • please email for any warranty questions


General Technical Questions:

Do you test fire all your weapons / assemblies?

Yes, we do test every weapon for accuracy, proper functioning and cycling with 3-4 live rounds prior to shipping.


What is your warranty?

TS offers a lifetime warranty on all custom builds against manufacturing defects or malfunctions, if you have a problem with your purchase please email with your order number, detailed explanation of the issue and any pictures if applicable.

I see a product that I like but I was wondering if I can change something about it?

Yes we can change specs on certain products such as barrel length, color, mounting system, rail lengths etc. if you have any special requests please contact for immediate assistance with your request.


What calibers are compatible for the AR10 platform?

We offer both 308 WIN and 6.5 CREEDMOOR for the AR10 platform


What calibers are compatible for the AR15 platform?

We offer the 223 WYLDE, 300 BLACKOUT, 7.62X39, 6.5 GRENDEL, 458 SOCOM, 50 BEOWULF, 9MM, 45 ACP and 6.8 SPC


What does PCC mean?

PCC stands for pistol caliber carbine and those include the 9mm and the 45 ACP weapons, our PCC systems use the dedicated Glock magazines billet lower receivers.


Are all your AR10 upper assemblies DPMS compatible?

Yes, all our AR10 upper and lower assemblies are machined to DPMS GEN1 specification which is considered the industry standard spec. for AR10 due to its sheer availability by many manufacturers.


How can I tell if my AR10 upper and/ or lower is GEN1 or GEN2?

The front takedown pin posts on the GEN1 DPMS upper is twice as wide as the rear post, GEN2 parts have front and rear posts that are equal in width.


FFL Transfers:

I want to place an order how can I arrange the transfer?

please place your order directly on the website and once you receive your order confirmation please email your local FFL contact information (name, address, phone or email) to with your order number in the title and we will contact them and request their information for the transfer. if you need assistance in locating the nearest FFL to your address please visit